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 Mary Ann Patterson

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V.I.P Fan

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Datum upisa : 21.12.2009
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PočaljiNaslov: Mary Ann Patterson   Sre Dec 23, 2009 1:46 am

Mary Ann is Melinda's grandmother, Aiden's great grandmother, was a person who spoke to ghosts. She was the one who gave lost spirits the title "earthbound". She helped them cross over in the Light (Heaven). She is deceased. Her gift was passed down to Melinda who is the current "ghost whisperer". She crossed over into the Light so she is currently a "Light" Spirit. She helps Melinda bring ghosts to peace through dreams in two episodes: "Voices" and "The Gathering". It is later revealed in Season 3 that Melinda's great-great-great-grandmother, Tessa (through her mother's side), could also communicate with ghosts and Melinda helps her to cross over. Tessa was portrayed by Amy Acker. It is revealed in "Weight of What Was" that she was the granddaughter of Julie Lee Lucas when Melinda was telling Tessa the fate of her daughter. Her married name was Patterson according to Melinda.
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Mary Ann Patterson
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