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 Gabriel Lawrence

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PočaljiNaslov: Gabriel Lawrence   Gabriel Lawrence EmptySre Dec 23, 2009 1:45 am

Gabriel Lawrence claims to be Melinda's half-brother and also a "ghost whisperer". He may or may not be Melinda's half-brother; it has been revealed that Tom isn't Melinda's biological father and might not be Gabriel's father either.

When he was a child, Gabriel knew he could interact with the dead, but nobody believed him, and he received psychiatrist treatment in a mental health institution. Gabriel never had a living friend. In fact, all of his friends were dead, and he always hated watching them "cross over" into The Light. He managed to get out of the mental health institution by lying. He was in the same mental health institution that his mother resided in.

In "The Collector" episode, Gabriel is now in his late twenties, and he had recently moved to Grandview. He mentions that Grandview always brings him memories. Melinda Gordon has the opportunity to meet him, and she is amazed by the gift they have in common. Melinda warns Gabriel about a shift in the "other world": ghosts are becoming stronger. She tells him how she struggled against a very dark spirit called Romano the year before, when a plane crash occurred in Grandview. However, Melinda discovers that she was so naive to believe in Gabriel, who had invited her to work with him in the difficult task of dealing with ghosts. Gabriel turns out to be a Ghost Whisperer from the Dark Side, and he had been gathering souls to get prepare for what "was coming", a complex prophecy of the death of a "loved one".

Gabriel, along with the dark spirits, was blocking The Light, because he was trying to make the dead stronger than the living. When Melinda, Jim Clancy, and Rick Payne break into Gabriel's house, they find out Gabriel's obsession with Melinda. He had been observing her moves for quite a long time. At the end of season two, both Gabriel and Melinda struggle against each other for the fate of living and dead.

Gabriel returns to Grandview in the third season episode "Weight of What Was" informing Melinda that he is her half-brother. He hands her a package containing images of her father's family. An image in the package, that is in fact from Melinda's mother's past, leads Melinda to an underground church and her great-great-great grandmother, Tessa. A ghost that haunts the archives of Grandview tells Gabriel that Melinda had entered the tunnel, and Gabriel blocks the exit, preventing Melinda from escaping the way she entered. The episode ended with Gabriel speaking to Tom Gordon about what seems like a plan to get Melinda to help ghosts in a dark way. While in Grandview he resided in a hotel under the name Gabriel Gordon. Gabriel also appears in "All Ghosts Lead to Grandview" where he has a brief conversation with Melinda at the end of the episode. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Gabriel is portrayed by Ignacio Serricchio.
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Gabriel Lawrence
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